We are working on new approaches for all to directly exchange energy in a truly consumer-centric manner

Keywords: energy cooperatives, peer-to-peer energy exchanges, blockchain, new business models, consumer-centric energy markets

Consumer-centric electricity markets

One of our fundamental objectives is to propose, validate and deploy truly consumer-centric market designs for electric energy, as supported by a number of use cases. These are to rely on energy collectives and fully peer-to-peer setups.

Blockchain and institutional aspects

Blockchain is our choice of a backbone for our consumer-centric electricity markets. We are to develop and demonstrate blockchain-based solution, also looking at governance and regulatory aspects of blockchain in energy.

Real-world experiment

Come and meet us at the Svalin bofællesskab in Trekoner, Roskilde, Denmark

The Energy Collective project is supported by EUDP.

Meet the Energy Collective project team

Pierre Pinson

Professor & project coordinator

Pierre is an enthusiast when it comes to new business models and energy market solutions that are truly consumer-centric. This is why he coordinates The Energy Collective project, with the ambition to develop and validate community-based and direct peer-to-peer sharing solutions for energy.

Pierre-Elouan Réthoré


Pierre-Elouan lives in Svalin, where the experimental part of the Energy Collective is to take place. He dreams of a future of community-based energy management where energy could become a local virtual currency. Pierre-Elouan has been doing research in wind energy for more than 10 years both in academia and in the industry. He is also an entrepreneur who co-founded two start-up's working based on blockchain technology.

Kirsten Hasberg

Co-founder of StromDAO Ltd. & Ph.D. student at AaU

Kirsten Hasberg is a co-founder of the German blockchain-based electricity retailer StromDAO. She holds a Master's degree in Economics from the University of Copenhagen and has 10 years of experience in the Danish and German energy industry with a particular focus on energy market designs enabling 100 % renewable energy systems.Her PhD research focuses on institutional and regulatory aspects of peer-to-peer electricity markets and is supervised by Frede Hvelplund of the energy planning group at Aalborg University Copenhagen.

Jette Miller

Adm. Director at De Frie Energiselskaber

Jette is an expert in energy regulation. Combined with her hands-on experience from entrepreneurial businesses at the Danish energy market she aims to pinpoint where regulation needs to be adjusted in order to welcome new business models and market solutions at the Danish Energy Market.

Fabio Moret

Fabio Moret

Ph.D. student at DTU

Fabio is a PhD student at DTU Electrical Engineering, where he works on peer-to-peer energy market modelling. He has been developing a new market making framework that will be eventually tested in the Energy Collective test communities.

Lasse Orda

Lasse Orda

Post-doctoral fellow at DTU

Lasse is a PhD student at DTU Electrical Engineering, where he studies distributed and decentralized communication in smart grids and how DER units can participate in scenarios of decentralized control, always changing configurations, provider and service agnostic communication and autonomous control.

Oliver Gerhke

Oliver Gerhke

Senior Scientist at DTU

Oliver is Senior Scientist at DTU Elektro. He has extensive and invaluable experience in the design and roll-out of ICT infrastructure for intelligent energy systems. He initiated and led the development of the DTU Syslab facilities, which are recognized as state of the art, while allowing to regularly run cutting-edge smart grid and smart energy experiments.<br />In the Project, Oliver has been developing the smartmeters that are to be deployed in the two test communities.

Troels Plenge

Troels Plenge


Troels has a long history of entrepreneurship, notably most recently as a CTO of nemlig.com, a Danish online grocery delivering company and as a CEO of Wassoko, a startup that connect farmers, drivers and retailers together. In the EnergyCollective project, Troels has been working on investigating different blockchain technologies that could be used to create a local p2p energy trading system. Troels has also worked closely with Pierre-Elouan to test Raiden, a second layer blockchain p2p trading system that could be used to exchange energy tokens in the project.

Alexander Prostejovsky

Alexander Prostejovsky

Post-doctoral fellow at DTU

Alexander is a post-doctoral fellow for active distribution networks at the Center for Electric Power and Energy of the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). He received the B.Sc. degree in electrical and computer engineering in 2009 and the M.Sc. degree in control engineering in 2011 from the Vienna University of Technology. He received a Ph.D. in 2017 from DTU with focus on applications of increased observability in electric distribution grids.

Tiago Sousa

Tiago Sousa

Post-doctoral fellow at DTU

Tiago is a post-doctoral fellow at DTU Electrical Engineering working on peer-to-peer (p2p) markets in the Energy Analytics and Markets group. Currently, he is studying solutions based on sparse graphs that would be used in scenarios with a large number of participants in direct p2p energy market. He is also interested on queueing theory to solve imbalances caused by undelivered p2p trades. He received the PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of Lisbon, Portugal in 2017. His previous research was to study the integration of electric vehicles in power system through energy market solutions.

Ehsan Sichani

Ehsan Sichani

Research Assistant at DTU

Ehsan is a Research Assistant at DTU Electrical Engineering, where he works within peer-to-peer energy market projects in the Energy Analytics and Markets group. He holds a Master of Science in Wind Energy from DTU and has worked for seven years as an Electrical power engineer. His interests in renewable energy sources combined with living in a bofællesskab have been his greatest motivations for pursuing research within energy community.

Jason Potts

Jason Potts

Professor, RMIT, Australia

Jason is a Professor of Economics who has specialised in applications of evolutionary and complexity economics to the study of innovation, focusing on how coordinating institutions emerge around new general purpose technologies. His research group has been developing a new analytic framework to study the ‘innovation commons’, examining how cooperation emerges among entrepreneurs and technology enthusiasts in the very early stages of a new industry.

Robert Shorten

Professor, UCD, Ireland

Robert Shorten is the Chair Professor in Control Engineering and Decision Science. He is internationally recognized for his contribution in control engineering and for his proposal of decentralized optimization approaches, which are relevant to management of large fleets of electric vehicles.

Kameshwar Poolla

Professor, University of Berkeley, USA

Kameshwar Poolla is the Cadence Design Systems Distinguished Professor at Berkeley. He is internationally recognized for his contribution to theory and application and control theory.<br />


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