The first public event for the Energy Collective project (ForskEL/EUDP – grant no. 2016- 1-12530) is taking place in Svalin, Trekroner, on the 1st of June 2018 aims at broadly sharing and discussing a vision for future electricity markets, as well as covering some of the work done over the first year of the project period. This vision and work relate to a profound re-thinking of electricity market in a more consumer-centric manner, based on peer-to-peer and community-based electricity market designs.

We will be discussing market design for consumer-centric markets, business models, changing roles of system operators, re-design of network charges, blockchain and other enablers, etc. As Svalin is the living lab for the project, we will also present the motivations for a community like that in Svalin to aim for such novel market structures, while also having a demonstration for local exchange of energy.

The detailed programme for the day is as follows:

9.15–9.30: Registration
9.30–9.45: Welcome and introduction (Pierre Pinson, DTU)
9.45–10.05: Welcome to Svalin: community motivations and playground (Pierre-Elouan Réthoré, DTU and WeOU)
10.05–10.40: Stakeholders’ vision (e.g. WeOU, Dansk Energi)

10.40–10.55: Coffee break and networking

10.55–11.15: What are consumer-centric markets, e.g., peer-to-peer and community-based? (Tiago Sousa, DTU)
11.15–11.35: How would actors negotiate and pay for their electricity? (Fabio Moret, DTU)
11.35–11.55: Interaction between energy collectives and the grid (Oliver Gehrke, DTU)
11.55–12.20: Tour of the Svalin living lab and peer-to-peer transaction demonstration (Energy Collective team)

12.20–13.00: Lunch

13.00–13.20: Peer-to-peer market developments in other contexts (Rieul Techer, DAISEE, France)
13.20–13.35: Results from hackathon: local currency (Julian and Troels Plenge, WeOU)
13.35–13.50: Results from hackathon: Svalin carbon tax (Pierre-Elouan Rethore, WeOU)
13.50–14.00: Live demo of light project and CO2

14.00–14.15: Coffee break and networking

14.15–14.35: Challenges and barriers: technology and regulatory framework (Kirsten Hasberg, Aalborg University)
14.35–15.30: Panel discussion (moderator: Pierre Pinson, DTU)
15.30.-17.00: Socializing with the residents

All presentations will be placed online after the event.